Miss Sarajevo U2

        So we'll continue to talk about U2 Miss Sarajevo and story behind it. As already told Bono was called by journalist Bill Carter to help spread the word about war and suffering in Sarajevo and to film a documentary based on Sarajevo resistance. Bono provided the funds for the movie and produced it. The film "Miss Sarajevo" is a documentary about a beauty pageant held in the middle of the war-torn Sarajevo. the winner was Inela Nogić.

Beauty pageant held in Sarajevo
         The song protests the war in Bosnia and criticising the international community for it's inability to stop the war or do something to help the people affected by it. It's the only single from the 1995 album Original Soundtracks 1 by U2 where even Luciano Pavarotti makes a guest vocal appearance singing the opera and Luciano was very open to do the collaboration. "Miss Sarajevo" was first time performed on the 12th of September 1995 in Modena at the concert Pavarotti and friends. Next time it was played on U2's tour PopMart 1997 on Koševo stadium in Sarajevo. Since then the song has been played live many times on the band Vertigo tour, on the tour second leg in Amsterdam and was played each night for the remaining 86 shows in the tour. You'll find the lyrics of the song Miss Sarajevo by U2 in next post.

Edge, Pavarotii and Bono singing Miss Sarajevo