What to do in Sarajevo ?

       Well let's just say that you, the tourist visiting our beautiful city, have finally arrived to Sarajevo. Well surely your next question after you check in some hotel, hostel, or some private accommodation, will be what to do in Sarajevo? First to say you can do a lot of things, but you must know what you want to do or see because it's hard to see the real beauty of this city by just walking through it, because there is not enough information that you can really on.

What to do in Sarajevo ?
        No matter what kind of tourist you are everyone will find something interesting in Sarajevo or around it. Most of you should be pleased with what you see. You'll find information about a lot of interesting places in Sarajevo on this blog, and must see places of course , the ones you shouldn't miss by any chance if you are already stuck here. Depending of your likes, you can chose what to see and what to do in Sarajevo. It's up to you to choose where to go.

       You have a lot of great places to eat and drink in Sarajevo. Some are more traditional like places where you can eat good Bosnian cuisine, and famous "cevapcici". But you also have restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, fast foods, bakery's any type of food place you want , you can find. In most of them you can have a drink also.

        You should walk through the streets of "Bascarsija" the center of Old town. There are a lot of little family stores that sells hand made souvenirs and a lot of other great stuff. You can buy great presents for someone back home. Visit some of the main buildings here, buildings that have history behind their names. Learn about war in Sarajevo, about the people here and about the suffering they endured. Visit some museums. Visit mosque, church and  a synagogue all in a few hundred yard. Visit hills around the city for a beautiful view on Sarajevo. Visit the Olympic mountains. Visit us and enjoy Sarajevo. And of course visit this blog.

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