Aščinica "ASDŽ"

Aščinica "ASDŽ"
        So here we go again, we'll continue to talk about places worth visiting and eat in Sarajevo. Next on the line is another "Aščinica", with a maybe little strange name for you because it only contains three letters "ASDŽ" (DŽ - like (J)am). But no matter the name the food is really great there is no question about it. Well every place on this blog is great, I'm not working for anyone or promoting anyone, this is just my opinion and advice to you, because I live here and I should know what's good and what's not, and of course it is up to you to choose where and what you want to eat.

Pie in Aščinica "ASDŽ"
        Aščinica "ASDŽ" is located in the street behind the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque. You can ask someone to direct you to it . The street is called "Mali čurčiluk 3". The food is great if that's the kind of food you really want to eat. You already know that Aščinica is a place where you can eat traditional Bosnian food. We call food in aščinica "spoon food", because it's not dry food but mostly cooked meals and stuff with sos for which you need a spoon to it it. One of the things to get there, and the one that tourists like, is the plate of all kinds of meat stuffed items…grape leaves, cabbage, little onions, red bell peppers (It sounds like a lot but it’s only one of each and they’re small). And the best part is the delicious bread that you can dip in whatever amazing sauce that is leftover from your meal. The taste is great, the food and the location are great and of course the service is great. Prices are from 4 KM to 10 KM average. Try it then let us know what you think. Thank you.

Aščinica "ASDŽ"
Aščinica "ASDŽ"

Aščinica "ASDŽ"

Content and services:
Aščinica -Cooked Bosnian Food

Traditional Bosnian food, Pie, Dessert
50 or more seats on two floors , 10 seats outside in summer garden
Non Alcoholic drinks

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Mali Ćurčiluk 3 i Veliki Ćurčiluk 3 (depending from which side of the street are you entering - Street behind the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque)
Working time:
od 08:00h untill 22:00h
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Contact phone:
  • +387 33 238 500
  • +387 33 447 583
  • +387 61 131 655