Čevabdžinica "Željo" 1 and 2

Čevabdžinica "Željo" 1
        First of all learn the pronunciation of word "Chevap" ( che - like Che in Cheguevara and vap - like vap in vaporate so you get Che-vap) or "Cevapcici" ( again che like Che, vap like in vaporate, and cici like Chi- Chi so you get Che-vap-chi-chi ) you can order a meal without trouble. You have an english menu in most of the places in Sarajevo , so there will be no trouble with your orders , but anyway it's better to be prepared. Well let's first start with something that you can surely say is Bosnian McDonald's. If your going to eat cevapcici in Sarajevo I suggest you start with Čevabdžinica Željo.

Cevapcici "Željo"
        Till now I suppose that you know what Chevap is. But to recap. Cevapcici is a dish made of grilled meat, originally from the Balkans. Cevapcici are served on a plate or in a flatbread (Somun) with chopped onions. You can order additional portion of Kaymak. The traditional, and preferred, way of grilling chevapcici is to use glowing coals beneath a grill. Bosnian Cevapcici from the Baščaršija district of Sarajevo is probably the most famous Chevapi.

        Now I'll tell you why to start with Željo. It's my favourite too and I'm a fan of football club Sarajevo (Željo and Sarajevo are football club rivals)  so believe me it's very very good. Why did I say a Bosnian McDonald's, first of all if you want fast food , but i mean to get your food fast this is the place to go. The service is excellent, the interior is great and clean, and the people are very very nice. You can ask for anything and believe me you'll be served with smile. The food is great, everything is fresh and tasty, so this is the one place where you'll never be unhappy with your food because it's always the same. If you are a first time eater in Sarajevo i suggest you start here and then go on to other places. Because no mather what they say Cevapcici can be similar but are very different in taste in almost every Chevapdzinica in Sarajevo. Try it you won't regret it. It's good for families with children, it has local cuisine and it's a dining on a budget. Located in street Kundurdžiluk 19 (Željo 1) and Kundurdžiluk bb (Željo 2) you sure can't miss it. they are only 20 meters apart. You can order home delivery on numbers
447-000 and 441-200 ( local call for Sarajevo is 033).

Content and services:
Grilled meat ( Cevapcici and other meat dishes, salads, dressing)
50 places, 20 (outdoor summer)
Non-alcoholic beverages
Credit Cards:
American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro

Kundurdžiluk 19 (Željo 1) and        Kundurdžiluk bb (Željo 2)
Working time:
from 08:00h till 23:00h
Web site:


Contact phone:
+387-33-447-000                     +387-33-441-200

Čevabdžinica "Željo"2