Čevabdžinica "Mrkva"

Čevabdžinica "Mrkva"
        So last night I was walking home and I was really hungry, so i decided to enter and eat at "Mrkva". I had a craving for a hamburger so I decided to eat a Pasha-burger ( a great name you might say) and it was great as always. If you want to eat a burger you should try it i bet you'll like it. So let's get back on the subject.

Čevabdžinica "Mrkva"
Cevapcici "Mrkva"
        Rich history, culture, customs and originality of Sarajevo and Baščaršija, and of course the experience of family Mrkva, are twined in to unique recipe for meat products of one of the oldest cevabdzinica in the Southeast part of Europe. The founder was Ejub Mrkva in 1963. a well known figure and beneficiary in Sarajevo. I must say that the cevapcici you eat here are different , from other cevabdzinica ( as I told you different taste in different places) and you should really try them all until you find your favorite.

Čevabdžinica "Mrkva"
       Another fun fact is that when McDonald's opened in Sarajevo, a guy with a full plate of "cevapcici" entered McDonald's and wish them well , as a sign of good neighbors. Should i say that the managers of McDonald's very baffled. Nice one you may say . "Mrkva" another name for "cevap".

Content and services:

Grilled meat( cevapcici and other meat), salads, Pasha-burger
50 seats on two floors , 20 seats outside in summer garden
Non Alcoholic drinks

Credit Cards:
American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro

MaliBravadžiluk 5, Sarajevo
(Baščaršija, 70 meters from Vijećnica 20 m from "Petica")
Working time:
od 08:00h untill 22:00h

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