Sarajevo Olympics 1984

Sarajevo winter Olympics Logo
        So guys I'm writing this 26 years after the winter Olympic games that were held in Sarajevo in 1984. Man that was a crazy year Sarajevo at the top of the world with all it's beauty and glory. Town surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests was finally awarded with honour to be the host of the XIV winter Olympic games. A lot has happened since then, some might say too much. War may have destroyed most of Olympic spirit but it still can't erase memory of a success in organization and preparation that was seen that year.

        This was the first games under the presidency of Juan Antonio Samaranch, a great friend of Sarajevo, and the first Olympics held in socialist country. We won the organization in front of Japan Sapporo and Sweden cities of Falun and Goteborg. It was a chance for a city that was mostly mentioned as a starting point of world war one to show it self in a better light. We spent a lot of money on the games even with the crises during the 1980. Numerous new buildings and attractions were built in the city and around it. Winter sports were growing in popularity in Yugoslavia. Winter Olympics were a general success as for those competing as for viewers.

Sarajevo winter Olympics opening ceremony
         Interesting fact is that there was no snow, i mean nothing big really. Mountains were half white half green and it was February, and we always have snow in February. But then like a gift from God night before the Olympics one meter of snow felt on the ground and ten thousand people were on the street cleaning the roads so that everything could go as planned. People from all around the world came to Sarajevo in February of 1984. Buses, trains, airplanes and cars full of people entered the city, whole groups and familys were there, hotel reservations were full and city itself was glowing.

Igman - Ski-Jumping
         The organization itself costs 142,6 million dollars and half of those was from TV rights, 250.000 tickets were sold and the TV show from Sarajevo Olympics was a broadcast to 2 billion people. Mountain used for man Alpine skiing was Bjelašnica, for woman's Alpine skiing Jahorina, and Igman and Trebević for other disciplines. Yugoslavia won it's first winter Olympic medal; a silver in the giant slalom.

Bob Run trail on Trebević - Today