Čevabdžinica Ferhatović "Petica"

Čevabdžinica Ferhatović "Petica"
        You know how they say you have not been in Sarajevo until you have been to Bascarsija, and you have not been to Bascarsija if you have not eaten cevapcici. Another favorite is "Petica" cevabdzinca. Located in the soul of Bascarsija. It was opened in 1984, when Sarajevo was the host of the Winter Olympic Games. Cevabdzinica Petica continues the family legacy. The Surname "Ferhatovic" is known since 1957, when they opened the first Cevabdzinica in Sarajevo, old people say even the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their legacy goes on for 50 years.

Čevabdžinica Ferhatović "Petica"

Čevabdžinica Ferhatović "Petica"
       This is a must for anyone, as i told you earlier my number one iz Željo (even if I'm a fan of Sarajevo football club, yes Ferhatovic was a famous Sarajevo player) but this is surely number two ,or even splitting the first place. Be there in time because you will need to queue for a table. "Petica" offers great ćevapi and sudžuka (minced meat fingers and cocktail sausages). Very tasty, very informal atmosphere.

        They do not serve any hard drinks, not even beer , but yogurt really goes well with the usual fare. You have mineral water and sodas. The atmosphere is very informal and relaxed. Bosnian kebabs or cevapcici are small grilled meat sausages made of lamb and beef mix, served with  chopped onions, sour cream ( as addition if you order ) and pie bread. The interior is very nice and service is also great. Eat here and you wont be sorry I promise you.

Content and services:

roštilj plus pečena teletina

50 seats , 20 seats outside in summer garden

Non Alcoholic drinks

Credit Cards:
American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro

Oprkanj 2, Sarajevo
(Baščaršija, 50 meters from Vijećnica)
Working time:
od 08:00h do 23:00h

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