Where is Sarajevo ?

Where is Sarajevo ? 
       Sarajevo Bosnia. Where is Sarajevo today? Is Sarajevo in Bosnia ? Where is Sarajevo after the war in Bosnia?  I'm sure a lot of people ask themselves the same questions. A lot of you are surfing the Internet right now searching the term where is Sarajevo? Well we are still here, in Bosnia, I have to disappoint Mr. Kissinger's but despite his words and wishes about mythical Bosnia, a land that has never existed, land that has none of it's history and language, and a land that should have been destroyed and divided in a war that tried to destroy everything. And it happened not in Africa, Asia or some remote country, it happened in the middle of Europe,  Bosnian genocide in the back garden of NATO and other so called peace protectors.

        But we survived the Bosnian genocide. We are still here today, standing as a proud proof of victory and life after all the horror that Bosnia and Sarajevo survived. Do you know that the siege of Sarajevo is the longest lasting siege in history of one city. Three years longer than Stalingrad's, and one year longer than Leningrad. And we survived. You can all do all the research about how it was done but all that you'll learn is that in reality it couldn't been done. Sarajevo was expected to fall in a day. We lasted 4 years ! Nobody should try to understand how impossible was done, because you can't explain the will of Sarajevo, people feelings and so called "inat"(spite) when you try to take something of their own. And we fought a battle for our city and our country , and we are still proud today to be in Sarajevo and Bosnia and nobody could take that away from us.

Sarajevo Today
       So I call you all to come to our city, you won't be disappointed at all. Don't believe everything you read or hear, except on this blog of course, and do visit us soon and in large numbers. You have a lot of stuff to see and learn in Sarajevo, and you'll of course find a lot of information about Sarajevo attractions, and places to go and see in Sarajevo right here on this blog. If you have any questions, or if there is anything you would like to know and find out, fell free to mail me and I'll try to help you in any way I can, from Sarajevo hotels, hostels, cheap tickets, attractions and all the things you ever wanted to know about Sarajevo but couldn't ask anybody I'll answer . We'll have a lot of fun here. This is just the beginning.

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