Eating in Sarajevo

        So today I typed in Google what to eat in Sarajevo and got some bad info, because as you know there isn't a lot of good information about anything in Sarajevo, and most of it comes from Trip advisor rankings of people who already visited the city. So I decided to write a post about it, and recommend you some places to see and eat. I spent a lot of time in the streets of Sarajevo and I see every day how the tourists are getting lost and don't know what to do , where to go and what to see in Sarajevo. You guys walk around with some old books and guides for Eastern Europe, bad maps on which I, the resident of Sarajevo have trouble locating some stuff, basically you are here but you are lost. Believe me when I say this but most of you didn't see the true heart of our city, and I know it's very hard sometimes. This blog will help you in some way because it'll be an advice from someone who wants to help you to enjoy Sarajevo to it's fullest.

Traditional dishes in "Ašćinica"

         As you all know we are known as a crossroads between east and west, and so is our food. Most of it has it's roots in oriental and Turkish cuisine, and that tradition is still present in Sarajevo today. Most of you guys will like the food here, well most of you who like meat because our food and dishes has a lot of it in them, but that doesn't mean that there is no food for vegans, not all food is meat based. But the best are ! Through the series of articles and posts I'll present to you some of the best places to see and eat in Sarajevo, and some that shouldn't be missed no mather what.

        When in Sarajevo... Eat. But first let's mention some of our famous food and dishes. Two top foods for tourists to try are "Ćevapi"(grilled minced meat rolls with onions) and "Pita"(Rolled pie with different fillings inside, most famous with meat - "Burek"). Guys you just have to eat this stuff if you never tried it. You'll like it believe me. These are probably the two maybe most popular foods in Sarajevo. You can maybe call it semi fast food. The service is fast and great in most places, and the quality of food is very good, again in most places, because not every "Čevabdžinica" (place where you eat "ćevapčići") or "Buregdžinica"(place where you eat "Pita") are the same, they serve the same food but still they all have somehow different taste. Another place to eat in is called "Ašćinica", and it serves traditional Bosnian dishes but we'll get to that when we present them one by one. I hope that this blog, when it's filled with enough information will be very helpful to all future visitors of Sarajevo. Visit Sarajevo soon !

"Pita" - "Burek"