Hotel "Herc"

Hotel - Herc
        First we are gonna start with the hotels based in the Old Town part of Sarajevo. Selection will be based on few things. First a web page for hotel of any kind ( I know that you guys are use to having visual view of place of stay) , then location and availability for an ordinary person (how to get there and from where, what is near and how to get around) and of course customer service and prices.

         Today's topic is Hotel "Herc", you may have already been there previously in it's part known as Hostel Alifakovac ( now it's just hotel ). It's located in one of the best parts of Old Town. Location is maybe one of the best, it's only few minutes walking distance from the City Hall and restaurant The Spite House. It's based on the top of the old street Alifakovac. Above it is old graveyard with old Otomman monuments still standing there that you can visit. You'll need only a few minutes to get to any part of Baščaršija from here.

Hotel - Herc
         It has 40 beds, from which are three rooms with three beds, 5 rooms with two beds, and two rooms with one bed. Private rooms are also available. Full offer includes Cable TV, Wi-fi, restaurant and coffee bar, parking and laundry on demand. You can check the details on web-page, see some pictures , location and make reservations online. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me anything you would like to know, about this hostel , location or anything other that you may want to know. And here below is a picture of the view from the hostel.

Hotel - Herc

View from Hotel - Herc

Contact Information :
  • Hotel "Herc" Sarajevo
  • Podcarina 1
  • 71000 Sarajevo
  • Tel 1: +387 (0) 33 / 232 597
  • Tel 1: +387 (0) 61 / 082 340
  • Tel 1: +387 (0) 61 / 138 906
  • Tel 2: +387 (0) 61 / 606 035
  • Hotel Herc